"I want to see the world by..... running a marathon on every continent. I've run five in the U.S., but they were just warm-ups!"
Alison Jenks

"My goal is to communicate the value and return on investment of the live experience in a way that non-marketers can understand and appreciate."

SVP, Marketing

Alison Jenks

Alison isn’t just in charge of articulating the FreemanXP brand story.

She is tasked with helping ensure that the solutions we provide are relevant and evolving with the changing demands of our clients. Alison is constantly asking questions, seeking out new insights, and working to deliver on the FreemanXP promise. She knows that experience is power and that the experience marketing medium is like no other. She also understands the power of Freeman to help effect big change and big results for global bands.

In an increasingly digital work universe, her mandate is to help demonstrate how social engagement – the integration of virtual and live events – offers growth opportunities for clients. Alison helps quantify the value of the experience and develops tools and insights that integrate the medium into traditional and emerging channels.

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