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Why You Should Millennialize Your Event Strategy

Why You Should Millennialize Your Event Strategy

Give Millennials what they want and improve engagement all around

Chances are, you’ve heard a lot about Millennials. What they want from a job, their work habits, and their all-about-me attitude seem alien to older generations. And, they definitely won’t attend their “daddy’s conference.” (Download our Insights Paper to learn more.)

But if you really think about it, the changes they want in event marketing really aren’t so different from what the rest of us would like. Modifying your event strategy to please Millenials will not only engage the new generation, but will improve your overall face-to-face marketing plan.

You probably know some of the unique characteristics of Millenials, but here’s a quick refresher:

  • Big Dreams:  Gen-Y has been told that they can do anything. They are optimistic, energized, idealistic, and believe they will fulfill their big dreams.
  • It’s All About Me:  From selecting from a variety of iPhone colors and covers to custom designing sneakers online, Gen Y has been able personalize everything.
  • Focused on Fun:  This generation has been entertained since birth. If it’s not fun and entertaining, they are bored and move on. 
  • ADD:  Maybe they aren’t all ADD or ADHD, but they are multi-taskers and have very short attention spans.
  • I’m Special:  Their parents told them they were special. They believe it and want to be treated as such. 
  • Deserve the Reward:  They won the medal for coming in last and played softball without keeping score. Of course they expect to be rewarded.
  • Community:  They want to work with other creative, smart people to change the world. They use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media to form face-to-face communities.
  • Live Life Online: They are the most technology savvy generation—at least for the next 10 years, at which point Gen-Z will surpass their tech skills.

If we design our face-to-face marketing plans with those characteristics, we’d have events that:

  • Inspire, energize, and encourage dreams,
  • Have customizable schedules and experiences,
  • Are entertaining,
  • Have short, interesting sessions,
  • Treat attendees as special individuals,
  • Reward participants,
  • Build communities, and
  • Utilize technology.

Look at the list above. Who doesn’t want to feel special, have fun, and be inspired? It’s human nature!

Even cynical Gen-Xers like me would be thrilled to go to conferences that deliver those things. We just never imagined it was possible or didn’t ask. Perhaps the only difference between Millennials and other generations is that they insist on these things because they are used to getting what they want, while other generations quietly put up with the status quo or stop participating.

How could Millennializing your event benefit your overall strategy? To learn more about the changing face of your audience, download our Insights Paper

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