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Three Ingredients for Success When Launching a New Consumer Event

Three Ingredients for Success When Launching a New Consumer Event

How partnerships, preparation, and the right audience will make your next event launch a success

When thinking of New Year’s Eve countdowns, what comes to mind? For many, it’s the famous Times Square ball drop in New York City. This single big celebration brings thousands to the city and puts New York on television screens across the nation and around the world. 

Who would compete with that?

Only the gritty gumption of Chicagoans would make a go of it. 

The city of Chicago recently launched its own New Year’s Eve event with an amazing, star-studded experience. With all eyes on Chicago, Chi-Town Rising LLC applied three best practices to execute the event flawlessly and build excitement throughout the city. Event marketers can use these same tips to make their next event launch a success, too!

Collaboration is key

The first step to success is finding the right partners to help you achieve your event goals while ensuring that appropriate resources are in place to execute every detail. The organizers partnered with various sponsors, the city of Chicago, and Freeman to create a massive community experience in downtown Chicago. They needed a partner that could handle such complicated specifics as security, city regulations, and local business coordination, as well as be prepared to overcome any potential disruption. Chicago winters are, after all, unpredictable, and Chi-Town Rising’s partners were prepared on all levels to guarantee a successful event.  

Get all your ducks in a row

In order to compete with the long-standing celebration in New York, planning for Chi-Town Rising began two years in advance, allowing the teams to explore every detail and create an event that would get people talking. Top priorities included entertainment, city approvals, sponsorships, and perfect broadcasting to show America that another city is doing big things on New Year’s Eve. We worked with all vendors and the organizer to ensure that this event would be broadcast over 40 NBC channels throughout the night without a glitch. LED panels were tested in freezing temperatures to ensure that they could withstand the cold Chicago winters. Preparing every detail, from party hats to the rising star of the city, required careful planning and coordination from all partners.  

Attract a crowd

You can’t have a party without people! They wanted its event to be a fun community experience to bring the city of Chicago together and raise the profile of the city. Chi-Town Rising worked with sponsors like Corona to advertise for its VIP beach party to attract younger audiences, and Hyatt to promote event packages that included the main event, a hotel stay, and an exclusive indoor event. Buses, billboards, and NBC advertisements were designed to intrigue and excite Chicago locals, making Chi-Town Rising the must-attend New Year’s Eve event. 

Whether you're launching the next New Year’s Eve celebration, a user conference, or any brand experience, tapping into these three ingredients will make your event a success.

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