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Three Reasons Smart Event Marketers are Embracing Second Screen

Three Reasons Smart Event Marketers are Embracing Second Screen

Give attendees what they want with this red-hot technology

Today's event attendees are savvy, sophisticated, armed with smartphones, and eager to have their voice be heard. But events are not necessarily evolving as quickly as audiences, with many still relying on the stale “sage on the stage” format for general sessions and education.

Smart event marketers are shifting gears, and embracing today’s participatory economy. Encouraging attendees to share their ideas and engage in a two-way dialogue increases brand affinity and makes the overall experience much more enriching. And leading the charge in this transformation is second screen.

Here are three reasons why embracing second screen technology is an incredibly powerful way to transform a live event:

Interact: Second screen technology allows event organizers to increase interaction with their key audiences. The technology encourages input from attendees, ensuring your event is delivering what they want and need. Polls and surveys engage attendees in conversation with the option to display results in real-time. Interactive Q&A can happen throughout any presentation. 

Extend: When synced with social media, second screen technology becomes an incredible event extender as attendees can share their insights with their network. What’s more, attendees can take notes directly on the slides to engage with the content after the session.

Analyze: The beauty of second screen is the robust collection of metrics derived from the technology. Event organizers will be able to quantify the effectiveness of speakers, presentations, and sessions through direct feedback from attendees. The analytics from second screen are so rich that they can be used to make real-time changes based on quantifiable data and also become a roadmap to improving the relevance of session content for future events. 

Learn more about second screen technology and FXP | touch, our exclusive and proprietary platform. 

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