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These Three Trends Put the Audience at the Center of Attention

These Three Trends Put the Audience at the Center of Attention

Audience-centric trends are changing the way we communicate and play, along with the way we develop our events, meetings, and conferences.

I am hearing more and more clients and brands talk about taking the focus off of themselves and instead putting it on their key audiences. They want to change their approach to experience marketing but they aren't sure how to get started. Tapping into the latest trends and incorporating them into your event strategy is one way. The sooner, the better, because these trends are heating up fast!

Content Co-Creation:  Brands are inviting audiences to get intimately involved in the development and direction of their campaigns, and with great success. Going well beyond user-generated content, content co-creation is shared ownership that brings people closer to the brand because you are creating it together. IBM has been using this tactic for years with it's Innovation Jam session for employees worldwide; Scion tapped into this both online and in person several years ago with Scion Speak; and Heineken brought together entreprenurial designers from four continents to create a pop-up club of the future. Not only does co-creation assure the creative is on target, but it will create a groundswell of pre-promotion and built in support before the program even occurs because so many people are taking ownership together with you.

Entertainment:  There is a growing emphasis on integrating the right entertainment and speakers into the strategy of experience design. Audiences are expecting to have content commingled with entertainment for a more engaging and emotional connection. Brands are not just competing with other companies for their share of mind – they are competing with Disney, YouTube, MLB, Call of Duty, and other forms of entertainment. Connecting brands with headline entertainment, celebrity hosts, or keynote speakers can help amplify your event with increased draw, immediate validation, and a differentiated experience that gets people buzzing. Authenticity is an essential part of this brand/artist pairing; it has to be the right fit for your audience. And when it is, boy will your audience reward you with social chatter.

Gamification:  Appealing to your changing – and younger – audience means looking at ways of using gaming to deliver content. What Words With Friends has taught us is that gaming and learning can be integrated in ways that turn traditional adult learning on its head. Gamification combines simple, fun, and shared interactive gaming theory with learning to deliver messaging, content, and education through play.

What audience-centric approaches are you incorporating into your event strategy?

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