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Making Ways: Turn Every Project into a Dream Job

Making Ways: Turn Every Project into a Dream Job

FreemanXP leader featured in a podcast talking about building strong client relationships and culture

7/19/17 — From Making Ways: "The best way to summarize design leader Katie O’Brien’s approach to work and life is a nugget of wisdom from our interview for Making Ways: 'Being able to find something interesting about each project work on, no matter the industry or business, is really my job. So if you’re not able to turn every single one of your projects into a dream job, then I think you are doing it for the wrong reasons...

"Throughout her career in design, Katie’s approach to creative endeavors and career has been fluid, a purpose-driven path that goes along with the ebbs and flows of the work she loves doing. For nearly six years, Katie has been bringing that attitude to her work as vice president of creative at event and experience design firm FreemanXP, out of the company’s San Francisco office in Potrero Hill. With an illustrious career and more than a few success and horror stories under her belt, Katie shares insightful lessons learned along the way to the career she loves today on the latest episode of Making Ways. You can listen to that full episode here."

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