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Plan Your Meetings: 5 Needs to Grow Your Events

Plan Your Meetings: 5 Needs to Grow Your Events

Ideas from Mobile World Congress to increase attendee engagement using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

3/8/16 — From Plan Your Meetings: "According to the renowned American psychologist Abraham Maslow, we all have a series of basic needs that must be fulfilled before we can evolve and progress. So food, drink and shelter are required before we can explore higher pursuits such as friendship and love...

"Event attendees are only human, so Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs may have more in common with the successful outcome of an event than one may think. By identifying these needs and then meeting or surpassing them, we can drive brand interaction and engagement like never before...

"I’ve developed the FreemanXP version of Maslow for marketers, which identifies the five key attendee needs: Guidance is crucial so they can find their way around andvalue has to be established to ensure it’s worthwhile attending."

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