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MeetingsNet: What Planners Need to Know About Meeting Logo Design

MeetingsNet: What Planners Need to Know About Meeting Logo Design

Your conference logo should reflect your strategy and message. Does it?

3/21/17 — From Meetings Net: "In a world saturated with conferences, don’t just slap a logo on your event. Instead, make it strategic and thoughtful. 'It’s always worth the effort,' says Kate Silva, design director at FreemanXP. A well-designed conference logo offers the first glimpse into what an attendee can expect from the live experience and helps maintain connections over time. It should be given the same consideration as every other touchpoint of your brand...

"'The logo is out there in the world for all to see and experience. Invest the time. Do it right,' says Silva. But what is the right process for designing a conference logo that will reflect your brand and be remembered? From the concept stage, to the final product, every agency has its own process, and it is rarely linear. An important first step is partnering with someone who has a shared vision. Silva suggests using an agency that utilizes Design Thinking, a customer-centered process to inform the development of the design that gathers 'key strategic insights, develops customer segments, creates a message hierarchy, and ultimately a creative brief.'"

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Kate Silva

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She gets what moves and inspires people, and brings brands to life in ways that are fresh and unique, yet perfectly aligned with corporate brand attributes and messaging. The results are emotionally rich visuals that inspire.

A committed creative strategist who excels individually and as an...

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