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HCEA: Industry Partner Spotlight on FreemanXP

Healthcare event organizers turn to the FreemanXP Trend Lab for face-to-face marketing trends

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"Several factors are driving continued growth in the healthcare industry that event professionals should be tracking. Look for expanded access through the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) especially in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling that allows individuals to sign up for the federal program even if the state where they reside does not offer an healthcare insurance exchange. We have already seen a large number of older adults enroll, but expect to see more millennials join in the coming years.  As the number of individuals focused on health and wellness increase, the healthcare and medical events field also has the potential to grow.

"One universal theme at the HCEA 2015 Annual Meeting was related to Big Data. Event organizers are challenged to supply audience engagement data to their event sponsors, management and volunteer leadership.  And they are looking for the 'Next Big Thing' to make it all make sense. Countless conversations related to searching for the intersection of ideas and data—but this was a cautious search. Most event planners would love it if someone else found it, tried it and reported back on how it worked (or didn’t work).

"The truth about 'Next Big Thing' is that it truly is unique and custom to each event organizer, their challenges and opportunities, and their programs. It’s not about jumping on the latest trend, but understanding which trends might work best for your attendees, exhibitors and organizational mission..."

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