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Five Tips for Engaging Your Audience

Five Tips for Engaging Your Audience

Cut through the clutter and truly engage your audience

You’ve heard it before, it’s getting harder and harder to engage audiences. Let’s face it, the competition is steep.

With over 1000 cable channels, video streaming online, and on-demand music streaming, we have become an increasingly sophisticated and demanding group. So when your audience arrives at your event, in the ballroom, at your user conference - they expect the same level of choice, engagement, and customization.

But has the typical event experience really changed on the last decade? Not really. Here are some tips to turning the tide so that you can truly engage live audiences.

Get them before they arrive:  Reach out to your audiences and get them interacting with your content and your brand before they even show up. I’m not taking about a simple email blast, but real and interactive content they can begin to engage with and get them psyched for and buzzing about your event.

Give them something to do:  True learning only happens when your audience experiences something. Give them a task, ask something of them, or expect them to bring some valuable insight. Your audiences want to be asked to participate in the process.

Let them have a say:  Allow your audience to choose their own path at an event or conference. This goes beyond having them build their agenda through your conference app. Have them build content, change the flow, or collectively decide how they will interact with demos, content, and speakers.

Get them talking:  A social media wall is one way, of course, but what about in-the-moment engagement? Integrate social media into the program flow so that you are receiving real-time feedback, questions, and comments that will tell you, on the spot, if your message is hitting home.

Speak to them:  Really interact with them, not just to their heads, and provide content they need. Speak to their hearts as well. We tend to forget that, as professional as we all are, that our audiences come to our events to be moved, informed, and ultimately changed in some way. They want to be enriched and sometimes the answer is not just valuable content, but ideas that move them.

Reinventing live engagements are what we do and there’s a long way to go before we get to a new paradigm. But small steps along the way will pave the way for bigger changes, which are on the horizon. More to come on that.

Chris Cavanaugh is the President of FreemanXP. FreemanXP uses the power of social engagement to move audiences to action.

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