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EXHIBITOR LIVE: Why Predict the Future? Design the Future.

EXHIBITOR LIVE: Why Predict the Future? Design the Future.

Freeman is ready to help you navigate the changing brand experience industry

Trade shows, events, and brand experiences are changing – fast. How can you keep up?

Freeman will be on the ground at Exhibitor Live, ready to help you navigate the changing landscape of our industry. Stop by our booth to experience the FXP TrendLab, where our experts will be on hand with best practices in booth design as well as ideas on how to better engage your audiences and accelerate your business results. Discover trends such as glocalization, personalization, reinventing the event, and technology with a purpose – and gain insights on how to activate on these ideas immediately.

Additionally, Freeman will be using and demo-ing a stand alone lead-scanning app created by our partner, DoubleDutch. Designed to track performance and quality of leads in real-time, the app allows for increased versatility since any mobile device can be used to scan.

Be sure to check out our educational sessions as well:

  • Lighting and AV Technology: Understand the Terminology presented by Mike Wohlitz, Monday February 29th at 8 am

  • Beyond the Scenes: The Strategy Behind Exceptional Exhibitor Experiences Half-day workshop in our Freeman Vegas branch presented by Christie Greenleaf and Mike Wohlitz, Tuesday, March 1 from 8 am to 11:30 am

  • Audiovisual De-Mystified: Best Practices for Incorporating AV in Your Booth Space presented by Mark Hughes, Wednesday, March 2 at 8 am

Not registered for Exhibitor Live? Grab your ticket now with a 10% discount from your friends at Freeman.

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