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Event Industry News: How to Really Stand Out at a Large Trade Show

Event Industry News: How to Really Stand Out at a Large Trade Show

Strategist from FreemanXP shares what it takes to get noticed on the big show floor

6/7/16 — From Event Industry News: "For centuries civilisations have been building monuments, palaces, places of worship and more recently skyscrapers in the belief that these large structures signify power, status, superiority and leadership. But bring this belief to the exhibition floor and everything seems to change. Brands participating in large trade shows seriously need to consider whether stand size or the richness of attendee experience matters more? Using the size of their stands to symbolise their positioning is sometimes at the expense of attendee experience, and this is not always the best strategy...

"Nowhere is this more evident than at the current running drupa show in Dusseldorf (open until 10 June). This is the largest global print show with +200,000 visitors, +1,850 exhibitors across 17 halls of the Messe, over 11 days. Everything about this show is ginormous."

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Niru desai

Niru Desai

VP, Strategy International

Whether at the country, industry, or audience segment level, she specializes in delivering holistic event portfolio plans and creates strategies that go above and beyond clients’ needs. The brain force behind many successful digital and social media campaigns, Niru keeps a finger to the pulse of...

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