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Engaging Healthcare Professionals at Events: Insights from HCEA

Engaging Healthcare Professionals at Events: Insights from HCEA

How to cut through the clutter and connect with busy physicians and medical professionals

Healthcare professionals are busy. Their time is at a premium. And they are continually being challenged to stay current and innovate. Their attendance at an industry event is key to achieving these goals. So, what do medical professionals want from their next conference or event? How can we, as brand marketers, better engage them?

Last week at HCEA Healthcare Convention Marketing Summit, I had the honor of hosting a panel of medical professionals, during which we asked and answered these questions. Here’s what we talked about:

1. Physicians want information in small bites. Exhibiting at a trade show? Intrigue them from the aisle with great content, but make it easy to digest and easy for them to take home and learn more on their own time. Provide your content in a variety of different mediums so that they can consume it how they want: collateral, videos, social media, etc. 

2. Make it personal. Physicians want to know how your offering will help them right now - how it will impact them in the exam room or in the surgical suite. If it’s a device, let them try it. Hands-on demos and virtual tours put the product in a participant’s hand - which is key, especially if that is a clinical differentiator. If it’s a new treatment, be sure to offer clear points of differentiation and engage in emotional storytelling to share how the treatment impacts the lives of patients.

3. Show them what's new. Medical professionals want to remain current, but they don’t have time to explore what’s new and next as much as they would like. Make it simple for them. Give them a peak behind the curtain to see what they can’t get from text books or CME. Take advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate your pipeline and appropriately communicate research advancements and discoveries. 

Want more on engaging event attendees? Download our event strategy insights paper.

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