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Choosing the Right Partner for Healthcare Event Marketing

Choosing the Right Partner for Healthcare Event Marketing

Three questions you need to ask

The healthcare environment is dynamic, fast paced and subject to constant change. As a healthcare marketer, you must be nimble and able to react on a moment’s notice. Your marketing strategy will encompass many individual tactics—so choosing the right partner for each channel becomes a critical decision.

Of course, each channel requires specific skill sets and experience, none more so than experiential marketing. Here are three questions every healthcare marketer should ask a potential partner early on in the vetting process.

1. What is your experience in the face-to-face marketing arena?

Many agencies are well prepared to facilitate traditional one-to-one sales, where a sales rep sits down and talks with an individual decision maker. But in experiential marketing, the secret sauce lies in creating a one-to-many, one-to-few, and one-to-one conversation continuum. The message might be the same, but the way you deliver the message is vastly different.

Look for a partner able to take your existing content and transform it in a way that makes it consumable, digestible and understandable across the continuum of experiences that occur in the live event space.

2. What is your experience in the healthcare industry?

A face-to-face marketing partner with the right intellectual capital will not only speak your language but will also understand where you are, what you’re dealing with and where you’re trying to go.

At a minimum, this partner should be familiar with the event and key audiences you’re considering, in order to provide the creative and production guidance that will help you maximize your results at that event.

But the best scenario is a partner able to bring you insights beyond the event environment. For example, if you’re preparing to launch a product, can your partner tell you what you need to know about market conditions or how your materials and approach stack up against the competition?

A targeted approach to the event experience will improve your ROI at your events and across the breadth of your marketing activities.

3. What services can you offer me?

In healthcare marketing, anything can happen at any time. The right partner will be flexible and offer a wide breadth of scalable resources—from logistics to production to experiential design. Even if you don’t have an immediate need for all of these services, it’s important to know if something changes suddenly (because it will), you’re covered.

With the right partner, you’ll have the skills, insights and resources to seamlessly respond to outside influences, confidently achieve your goals and execute flawlessly in any circumstance. For a deeper discussion of healthcare marketing strategy, visit FreemanXP at Pharma Forum to learn more about experiential marketing in the healthcare industry. 

Looking for more inspiration with your event marketing? Download our Five Tips for a Successful Event Strategy insights paper.

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