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CEI Asia: Live streaming — How do drones compare?

CEI Asia: Live streaming — How do drones compare?

Using tech to build beautiful brand experience

08/31/17 — From CEI Asia: "Drones are being increasingly used for events, providing theatrical entries and dramatic product reveals and giving digital audiences added viewpoints through camera angles...

"While the possibilities can be endless with live-streaming technologies, Adam Charles, SVP at FreemanXP APAC, says it’s important to share the event experience in a way that resonates with the brand’s target audiences, while also ensuring it ties in with their messaging around the event. 'We need to keep in mind our clients’ goals first, and build the tech in around these,' he says."

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Adam Charles

Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific

He builds creative, supportive, and collaborative environments that empower employees to challenge themselves to put the client at the center and constantly strive for continuous improvement.

Adam has 25 years of global experience in the marketing sector including extensive experience in live...

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