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CEI Asia: How to Take Brands to the Edge with Events

CEI Asia: How to Take Brands to the Edge with Events

FreemanXP SVP creative, Peter McGrath, tackles new frontiers in brand experience

7/5/17 — From CEI Asia: "In the ever-evolving world of events and brand experience, businesses need to push themselves past their comfort zones in order to survive. This includes designing for the grey area, getting clear on brand identity, and injecting art and creative thinking into the business space. Here are some ideas to help push brands to the edge...

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Peter mcgrath

Peter McGrath

Senior Vice President, Creative
Freeman Design Leadership Council

He inspires creative teams to see the possibilities that exist by bringing the stories of diverse global brands as visceral experiences to a growing audience in unique, compelling and unusual ways.

He ensures FreemanXP delivers creative ideas that are relevant, on strategy and beautifully...

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