FreemanXP uses the power of social engagement to inspire audiences to action.

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A Whole New Breed Of Agency

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FreemanXP connects individuals and brands in ways that accelerate engagement and create transformational change on a global scale.

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No one knows audiences like Freeman, and our strategy practice marries this inside knowledge with proprietary research.

The result is a unique, audience-centric approach that articulates profiles and insights for your most important and influential target segments, and identifies what motivates them most. Our strategic roadmap ties to everything we deliver, from creative to execution, and establishes our measurement criteria for success.

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Experience design is an evolving art.

We work across traditional and emerging creative channels to bring the most impact to the programs we support. Whether it’s a new technology or an evolution of traditional media, our compelling, creative ideas engage audiences by resonating with things they care about most.

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Our success is measured not only by how deeply we engage audiences but by how well we manage all the moving pieces to logistically complex programs while making the process easy for our clients.

From social media, live and virtual events for tens of thousands, or year-round marketing programs, our experienced teams flawlessly execute on time and on budget.

Case Studies

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We increase social engagement by connecting key constituents before, during, and after live events.

Our digital solutions include innovative social media, virtual, mobile and broadcast tools that expand the reach and interaction of audiences and help clients create and continue the dialogue.

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Accountability is an integral part of our culture.

We define program metrics while we develop our strategy, and then measure the success of our work through a proprietary system that outlines return on objectives and investment.